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Smart Microphone - AW310

The disturbing (buzzing) noise usually occurs when the microphone is too close to a speaker.

When your voice is received by the microphone, amplified through a speaker, and then picked up by the microphone again, it creates feedback. And the feedback will continue to build up to a loud buzzing noise if the microphone doesn’t move away from the speaker.

The AW310 is quite excellent at eliminating disturbing noise. It can effectively suppress the noise via its internal digital signal processor. Comparing to similar products in the market, the AW310’s noise disturbance is truly a minor issue given its great reception capability.
Different speakers, different sound qualities, or different acoustic properties can all influence the result of signal processing. Some sound systems or amplifiers are equipped with special signal processing that change delay time, which can also cause disturbance that reduces user experience.
As mentioned in A1, the AW310 is great at eliminating noise. However, it could still cause noise disturbance under some circumstances:
(1) Room being too small (where microphone is not necessary), which increases the chance of feedback.
(2) Speaker volume being too loud or the microphone being too close to the speaker, e.g. within 1 meter and facing the speaker.

When the noise disturbance occurs, we recommend the following methods to reduce the frequency of occurrence:
(1) Wear the microphone closer to your mouth and lower the microphone volume.
(2) Turn down the speaker volume.
(3) Avoid directly facing the speaker at close range (within 1 meter).
(4) Have an audio technician inspect the room and equipment for time delay or other audio signal adjustments, such as EQ mixer, surround sound, etc.
The AW310 has noise reduction therefore it shouldn’t be affected by ceiling fans under normal circumstances. However, if a pedestal fan is blowing directly to the AW310 at close range, the strong wind will greatly affect the microphone’s sound quality. Avoiding pedestal fan’s direct wind is recommended.
We’ll answer this from two aspects: Sound principle and self-test.
(1) The AW310 is equipped with a highly sensitive condenser unit, which is different from a close-range-only dynamic unit. Units with different sound principles deliver different sound qualities.

(2) The closer the microphone is from your mouth, the more focus the reception will be; when the AW310 is placed within 5 cm from your mouth, the sound quality becomes very similar to a dynamic microphone. In contrast, when a dynamic microphone is placed further away from your mouth, its voice reception is almost gone completely while the AW310 can still pick up your voice without any problem.
Unfortunately, the AW310 requires Mic-in ports that are equipped with built-in amplification. On the contrary, most of the Line-in ports found on PC speakers do not have built-in amplification therefore isn’t suitable for the AW310.
A moderate delay of sound can strengthen presenters’ control over their tone, accent, syllable, rhythm, and overall performance. A typical sound delay should be no more than 40ms (0.04 seconds) or the presenter will feel dragged-down by the out-of-sync voice. The AW310’s overall sound delay is 40ms (0.04 seconds). After some competitor products testing, we found that most of their sound delays are over 40 or 50ms (0.04 or 0.05 seconds).
The AW310 is designed solely for vocal and speech applications; therefore its signal processing is optimized for those purposes, and using it to capture other audio sources is not recommended.
Use the Micro USB port to charge your microphone; it’s the same way as charging a cell phone. The Battery LED shows solid green when “charging” and turns off when “fully charged.”
A 3-hour charge can last for 8 hours. It also supports Quick Charge – a 10-minute charge can last for 50 minutes, which is enough for one class.
Please note the following:
(1) The AW310’s working temperature is 0℃– 35℃, be sure to operate this product in this range for best experience. Do not expose it to direct sunlight as it could cause overheating, rupture, or even fire.
(2) To avoid fire or electric shock, do not expose this product to water or rain when charging or using.
(3) Do not remove the battery from the microphone.
(4) Even the AW310 is fully charged and not in use, the battery will still discharge gradually over time. So if you haven’t used your microphone for a while, it is recommended to recharge it before use.
(5) Batteries are consumable supplies. Their power capacities degrade gradually after repeated charging. Therefore, even when charged fully every time, the usage time will still reduce and batteries will die out at the end.
(6) The AW310 heats up during charging – it’s normal.
(7) Fully charge your AW310 before first use or haven’t used for a long time.
You can wear the microphone in Clip Form or Pendant Form:
(1) Clip Form: The AW310 back clip is rotatable. Clip it onto your clothes and rotate the microphone with its top directly pointed towards your mouth for best reception.

(2) Pendant Form: Adjust the lanyard’s length accordingly to avoid swinging which could affect reception quality. You can also use the magnetic clip to further secure the microphone.
Please avoid holding the bottom end of the microphone where the antenna locates as this will deteriorate transmission efficiency.
Without obstacles, the transmission distance can reach up to 15 meters.
Don’t worry, all our microphones and receivers are synchronized out of the box, so just turn them on and you’re ready to go. If you need to re-synchronize them, simply long press both devices’ Power buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds and wait until their Power LEDs turns solid.
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