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Live Gamer Portable - C875

If you would like to record the live commentary with LGP, please refer the following steps.

  1. Connect one Microphone to your PC, USB type or 3.5mm type in your Microphone In of sound card (red color circle in general) are both supported.
  1. Confirm this Microphone is Default device of your Recording device.

  1. Open RECentral and go to <Audio Source> Page. Tick this checkbox to enable the Microphone. You can check the audio wave form from the right pane and drag the slider below to adjust the volume.

  1. You can tick the checkbox of 'Save as Separate *.mp3 File' to 

(1) record your voice to another file or 

(2) combine the audio to recorded gameplay file together directly by disable this checkbox.
(Note: The second type is only workable when Video Format is selected to MP4.)
Please refer the <Video Settings> page.


  1. There are three modes provided to control your Microphone recording per your need:

(1) Always On: Auto record your voice from microphone when using hotkey for video capture.

(2) Control with Hotkeys: Press once the pre-set hokey to record your voice simultaneously with video capture, and press again to stop.

(3) Push to Talk: Keep pressing the pre-set hokey to record your voice simultaneously with video capture and simply release the key to stop.

After updating operating system to Windows 10 Spring update [1803] following error message shows when start up RECentral 1:

This error is resulted by the new 1803-update that controls the way of applications connecting your webcams and video capture devices.

Please refer to following steps to resolve the situation:



In Windows Search type “Privacy Settings” then click “Enter”



At Privacy Settings/ App Permissions/ Camera find the toggle and make sure to set it on

“Allow apps to access your camera”

With applying this setting RECentral 1 will start properly and your AVerMedia game capture card will be accessible.

If you would like to use LGP to record the PC games under the same PC platform you're operating (Current PC), there are two common user scenarios that you may likely to face; in this post, we're trying to illustrate how to set up the correct environment to perform recording with clear steps.

Scenario A:
I have a monitor that has an HDMI port and I would like to record pc gameplay video & audio via HDMI.

Let's start from 

(1) Connections:

PC output will be:
Both Video & Audio will be output from Graphics card via HDMI

LGP input will be:
Both Video & Audio will be input from Graphics card via HDMI

LGP Pass-through:
Video: HDMI output
Audio: HDMI output and/or 3.5mm audio out (this means you can hear the game audio via 3.5mm Audio Out from LGP simultaneously for checking the recording progress).

(2) PC Output sound configuration

  • Go to System Tray, right-click the Sound icon, and click Playback devices.

  • Then, select AVERMEDIA_HD as Default device

(3) RECentral configuration

  • Select <Current PC>

  • Then select <Capture Device> as HDMI in Audio Source page

Scenario B:
You might use a monitor that has NO HDMI port, and you'd like to record the PC game's video & audio successfully.

(1) Connections:

PC output will be:
Video will be output from Graphics card's HDMI or DVI (you need a DVI<->HDMI adapter)
Audio will be output from Sound card (motherboard) via 3.5 mm Speaker out

LGP input will be:
Video will be input from Graphics card via HDMI
Audio will be input from Sound card (motherboard) via 3.5mm Audio Input

LGP Pass-through:
Video via HDMI output
Audio3.5mm audio out

(2) PC Output sound configuration

  • Go to System Tray, right-click the Sound icon, and click Playback devices

  • Then, select Speakers as Default device

(3) RECentral configuration

  • Select <Current PC>.

  • Select <Capture Device> as Audio In in Audio Source page.


LGP supports FAT32 (which is most popular format for SD card storage device) format only in PC-Free mode. When you use SDXC-type SD card; however, the default format of it will be exFAT and the system utility from Windows cannot re-format it to FAT32 format.


1. Download guiformat from here.
2. Select the drive location of the SD Card and set Allocation unit size over 32K (32768).
3. Start formatting

4. Finish the process and your SD card can now support LGP PC-Free recording.


The video and audio looks OK when you choose to Amateur mode to preview, but after clicked the 'Ready' button, you get a image of desktop background or black screen in the preview window, it might look like this:


Please use this quick patch underneath when you're encountering this issue before the next official version releasing.

 1. Download Patch RECentral by clicking this Link.

 2. Unzip it.

 3. Find the RECentral location by 'Open file location'

4. Replace the original RECentral.exe And you're good to go.


You get your voice recorded correctly only via ticking 'separated .mp3 file', and you get no voice if you chose to merge the game sound and the commentary into one, even though you can see the wave in the Audio tab of Amateur setup.


1. Download & unzip this attachment to get the C875Graph.dll.

2. Go to the original file location: 
In Windows 32-bit system, the path is: C:Program FilesCommon FilesAVerMediaAVerMedia RECentraldll
In Windows 64-bit system, the path is: C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAVerMediaAVerMedia RECentraldll

3. Close RECentral if it is still running or standby.

4. Replace the original .dll file with the new C875Graph.dll (you may backup the original one).


'On start-up it boots up to the solid red color, and I can press the hot button to begin recording which starts the red 'breathing' LED lights.
However, after that, I cannot stop recording by pressing the hot button, and the only way to stop the 'breathing' red light, is to turn off my console, or switch it to another mode. Every time I've tried, I end up not having any recordings saved.'
Am I doing something wrong or some firmware issue/defective unit?

Why & solution:

It keeps rotating the light quickly in PC-Free mode is because of Wii U's power supply. We have found that some Wii U (certain versions of its firmware) are not capable enough for powering sufficient/stable current to operate LGP correctly, so we recommend you to use the included USB2.0 cable & insert your LGP into another stable power supply (e.g. portable power supply, PC, or your laptop) to keep LGP from potential malfunction.

In some cases, when you connect PS3 with LGP via component input and startup RECentral for the first time, you may see a blank screen with ??ut of Range?? or ??o Signal??message displayed in RECentral preview screen. Closing down RECentral, then restarting RECentral again will solve this issue for good.

Please see PS3 connection video tutorial for detail settings:  


You might encounter this situation if you are using a USB headset that has its own soundcard. This is because USB headsets are not supported in C875 and RECentral yet. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1. Open your Control Panel > Sound
  2. Step 2. Set your sound-card as default device in Playback tab

    *please note that you have to set the soundcard's speaker as default for Stereo Mix, do not use your graphics card's HDMI audio (your soundcard's stereo mix will get no audio).

  3. Step 3. Change your tab to Recording, then set your Stereo Mix as default device, and click the Stereo Mix's Properties.

    ** If you don?? have the ??tereo Mix??in your tabs, please make sure you have installed all the drivers for your soundcard (motherboard), or you can right-click to tick the ??how disable devices??& ??how disconnected devices??

  4. Step 4. Change the tab to Listen in properties, and enable the ??isten to this device', then select the ??layback through this device??to your USB audio device, click OK.

After finishing the above steps, you should be able to hear your audio from soundcard and usb devices.

Please also note:

a. Connect your soundcard to LGP with 3.5mm audio cable.

b. Select 'Audio In' for your audio source in RECentral.

c. If your USB device supports stereo mix, you can try to set your USB device as main, and playback your USB's stereo mix to soundcard.

A: Follow the steps to resolve this issue.

1.Go to the locations listed below and look for the system file “”.
For x86 system: C:\Windows\System32
For x64 system: C:\Windows\SysWOW64
(The system directory is generally located in “C”. If the location of your system directory has been changed, search accordingly.)

2.If you can’t find the system file, it could mean that the file has been removed. Try update your Windows or reinstall Windows to recover the file.

3.Make sure “” is in your system directory. Then download file “” here, unzip it, and run one of the files listed below based on your system’s bit version:
For x86 system: run regxbar_x86.bat
For x64 system: run regxbar_x64.bat
(If your system directory is not in “C”, open the “.bat” file with a text editor, change the location accordingly and then run the “.bat” file.)

4.Restart “RECentral.exe” and check whether the issue is resolved.
Legally, unless you have been duly licensed, we expressly advise that you DO NOT record copyrighted contents, particularly those with copy protection such as HDCP, to avoid breaking the law.
If you have been duly granted a license to record copyrighted contents, it is technically possible to use a splitter with our product; however, our warranty does not cover such usage, and AVerMedia will not be liable to any damage caused by such actions.
It’s possible that you played Blu-Ray disc or opened some applications (Netflix, Hulu) that activated HDCP protection on your XBox One. HDCP has failed Xbox One error can prevent you from recording your gameplay sessions.

Please refer to following suggestions to resolve the situation.

Solution 1 – Restart your console
Try to restart your console. This will clear temporary files and fix this and many other problems. To restart your Xbox One, do the following:

 1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
 2. Select Settings.
 3. Select Restart console.
 4. Select Yes to confirm.

You can also restart your console by holding the power button for 10 seconds. After your console turns off, wait for a few seconds and press the power button again to turn it on. After your console restarts, the temporary files will be removed and the error should be resolved.

Solution 2 – Turn on Energy-saving mode
In case restarting your XBox One didn’t help to solve the issue please follow steps below:

 1. Press the Menu button on your controller and go to Settings.
 2. Select Power & startup.
 3. Go to Power Options section, select Power mode and press the A button on the controller.
 4. Select Energy-saving.
Xboxone HDCP FAQ

After enabling this option, turn off your Xbox off then restart it. The issue with HDCP should be resolved completely.
The XBOX One S supports resolution output at 4K (3840x2160) and has setting for HDR color. If you want to record game footage of XBOX One S with your AVerMedia capture card make sure to lower resolution to supported 1080p and turn off/disable HDR function.
Yes, AVerMedia capture cards can capture game footage from PS4 PRO under following circumstances:
Set PS4 PRO output to 1080p resolution and turn off HDR color output.
In case you connect 4K TV to AVerMedia capture card’s HDMI output port please make sure to disable HDMI UHD color options in your TV’s settings.
When connecting an Android smartphone / tablet, the outputs from HDMI are subjected to HDCP
Therefore, you will not be able to receive video (in RECentral) and record.
Yes, please connect Raspberry Pi 3 HDMI out via HDMI cable to your AVerMedia capture card’s HDMI input port and set Raspberry Pi HDMI setting to “Mode 34” (1080p30fps).
Please confirm that the HDMI monitor you connect to the capture card’s HDMI out has built-in speaker. In case the connected monitor doesn’t have speaker (thus can’t play audio) in the HDMI pass-thru setup (input source>capture card>monitor) the input source’s audio output to the capture card will be blocked and there won’t be audio received in software preview.

C875 indeed doesn't support recording from external audio source. (Capture live commentary) in PC Free, and we have never advertised it doing so. Currently we are studying the mechanism how to enable this function for our other standalone capture boxes. In case of Live Gamer Portable this is product specification and there won't be any further updates. Thank you.

Check the windows OS whether can use correct driver.

1. Check the input source/device connect with your C875

2. Make sure your device can detect on Device management.

3. Computer Management >device Manager >sound, video, and game controller.

Still cannot find a solution? Contact us.


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