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Live Gamer Portable 2 - GC510

Please first watch this tutorial video: PS4 players, go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices, and set Output to Headphones to All Audio. We also recommend raising the Volume Control (Headphones) level.
Go to Device Manager on your PC and make sure Live Gamer Portable 2 is listed under Imaging devices and Sound, video and game controllers.

*In some rare cases, your LGP2 might be detected as a question mark (?) or a USB audio device. If that happens, right-click the device name and select Uninstall, and then re-connect the USB cable.

Note: after Windows 10-1709 update LGP2 will be listed in Device Manager under “Cameras” instead of Imaging devices.

If you want to output audio from gaming PC to your headset and to your AVerMedia game capture card simultaneously please follow steps detailed below:


1. Open “Settings” => “Sound” and enter the “Sound control panel”


2. At “Sound control panel/Recording”, “the stereo mixing device” might won’t show up at the first time. In this case right click on the mouse and check out the "Show disabled devices" option. The “stereo mixing device” will appear. However, the device at this point should be grayed out, make sure to enable it and click on apply.


After you clicked twice on the stereo mixer with the left mouse button, the following picture will appear. Please select the device usage mode field to enable, and then click Apply.


3. Then click to “Listen”, the below picture will show up, please check out "Listen to this device" and select the Digital output in the "Playback through this device" field.


4. Then set the stereo mix volume level to the appropriate level.


5. Select the Advanced panel and select "2 channels, 16 bits, 48000Hz (DVD quality)" in the Default format field. In general the HDMI PCM will provide the following sampling rate values: 44100, 48000, 96000, 192000Hz.


6. Finally, set the playback device to the "analog speaker" output, and that's it!


The above principle is focusing on the analog built-in mixer, so the computer's playback device must be set to analog speaker output, using the analog mixer on the output to the digital HDMI sound device (in this case the AVerMedia game capture card). Kindly note that the reversed setting will not work, because the sound card and the display card are different devices, and the HDMI of the display card does not support the digital mixer.

This error is received when you're about to capture from your PC (either Current or Other PC setup) and your AMD GPU is set to HDCP on mode. In order to fix the situation please enter AMD Radeon utility Display settings and make sure to disable HDCP as shown on below screenshot.

RECentral 4 shows “Device Occupied” error message



If you have already updated your system to Windows 10 [1803]

This error is resulted by the new update that controls the way of applications connecting your webcams and video capture devices.

Please refer to following steps to resolve the situation:


In Windows Search type “Privacy Settings” then click “Enter”



1. At Privacy Settings/ App Permissions/ Camera find the toggle and make sure to set it on

“Allow apps to access your camera”


2. At Privacy Settings/ App Permissions/ Microphone find the toggle and make sure to set it on

“Allow apps to access your microphone”



Make sure that your UAC (USB Audio Class) device (for example: GC510, GC513, GC570, BU110) is enabled* at Windows Volume panel under Recording devices.

*Note: if you plug microphone to your system that will be the default device, but UAC device still has to be enabled.



If your device is USB interface (for example: GC510, GC513, BU110) try to remove it from the connected USB port then plug it back.



Reinstall driver for the UAC device: remove the UAC device manually from Device Manager by right click on its name then select “Uninstall device”,



then at Device Manager/Action panel select “Scan for hardware changes”



Go into Windows Task Manager and at Services “Stop” RECentral service


then restart it by clicking “Start” it.



If you set graphic card codec in RECentral 4 settings, make sure to update your standalone graphic card driver to its latest version.


Before installing GC510 Live Gamer Portable 2 on MAC system please refer to below technical specifications:


Operating system: Mac10.11/10.12/10.13

Connection: USB 2.0 (UVC · UAC compatible, easy plug & play connection)

CPU: 2.8 GHz quad-core Intel® Core ™ i5 processor equivalent or better

* When recording / streaming 1080p / 60fps, when using PIP mode

we strongly recommend using Intel® Core ™ i7 Quad-Core.

RAM: minimum 8GB or over, 12GB is recommended


Software options: OBS Studio for MAC, Apple QuickTime Player

Utility tool: LGP2 setup tool Download link

Being a USB Audio Class device, LGP2 is also a microphone that requires to be enabled in order to work, so DO NOT disable Microphone (Live Gamer Portable 2) in your system.
Open RECentral 3, go to Capture / Stream > Device Audio > gc510, and you will be able to adjust the source input, microphone, and headset output volume.
To capture your iPhone/iPad screen, open RECentral 3, go to Settings > Capture Device (LGP2) > General > HDCP Detection, and check the Off box. Please note that the HDCP Detection will be turned back on automatically when you update the firmware.
First, download the update file to your computer, then follow the steps shown in this video to update the firmware of your LGP2.
The AVerMedia LGP2 Stream Engine plug-in helps you achieve better performance on your streaming software through its decoding mechanism. It is automatically installed when you install RECentral 3. You will be able to find it in the list of capture device as "AVerMedia LGP2 Stream Eninge".
LGP2 is a USB Video/Audio Class (UVC/UAC) device so there are some differences in setup in OBS Studio.

Step 1. Select Live Gamer Portable 2 as device and choose your resolution
Step 2. Check the Use custom audio device box and select Microphone (Live Gamer Portable 2) as audio device

*Do not change Audio Output Mode, keep it at Capture audio only to avoid audio latency.
LGP2 is a USB Video/Audio Class (UVC/UAC) device so there are some differences in setup in OBS Classic.

*For Audio Input Device, select Microphone (Live Gamer Portable 2)*You may need to set a video delay (Use Buffering) of 150–200 ms to solve the AV sync problem. This is currently a limitation in OBS Classic, and we recommend OBS Studio over OBS Classic for that reason.
We highly recommend using XSplit Broadcaster with LGP2 Stream Engine, which is automatically installed when you install RECentral 3.
LGP2 is a USB Video/Audio Class (UVC/UAC) device so there are some differences in setup in vMix.
LGP2 is a USB Video/Audio Class (UVC/UAC) device so there are some differences in setup in Potplayer.
To capture PS4 gameplay over HDMI, update your PS4 firmware to version 1.70 or later. Click here [] for a tutorial on disabling HDCP on PS4.
Yes, you can. For PC-Free mode, we recommend power banks with 5V1A or above. A 6000 mAh power bank can last about 3.5 hours.
We do not recommend using Apple EarPods on LGP2 due to its proprietary design, which creates noises through its microphone.
LGP2 requires a Class 10 or above microSD card. Please refer to the list below.

ADATA microSDHC Premier UHS-I U1 16GB CL10 (16GB)
ADATA microSDHC Premier UHS-I U1 32GB CL10 (32GB)
Kingston microSDHC Class 10 (32GB)
Patriot microSDHC C10 (32GB)
Patriot EP Pro Series microSD C10 UHS-I U3 (64GB)
SAMSUNG microSDXC UHS-1 C10 (64GB)
SanDisk Ultra microSD UHS-I (16GB)
SanDisk Ultra microSD HC U1 (32GB)
SanDisk Ultra microSD UHS-I (32GB)
SanDisk Extreme SDXC UHS-I (128GB)
Transcend microSD UHS-I 400x (16GB)
Transcend microSD UHS-I PREMIUM 200x (32GB)
Transcend microSD UHS-I PREMIUM 400x (32GB)
Transcend microSD UHS-I PREMIUM 400x (128GB)
Please note that if Microphone (Live Gamer Portable 2) is already your PC's default device, DO NOT set it as a microphone input in your streaming software.
Please do not charge your controller via the same power source as LGP2 while using the LGP2's headset features.
The USB ports on certain Wii U models do not provide enough power. In that case, connect your LGP2 to a power adapter or connect it to other power sources.
Please download and run the LGP2 Setup Tool, you can adjust the audio balance, recording quality in PC-Free Mode, and enable/disable HDCP for iOS device capturing.
Follow the two main steps below to add LGP2 video and audio into Mac OBS Studio.

Step 1 (video)



Step 2 (audio)

In QuickTime Player, go to File > New Movie Recording.

Select Live Gamer Portable 2 in the configuration.

Adjust the volume for better audio quality.
Both LGP2's headset and controller ports follow the CTIA standard definition of L, R, G, M, which is the same as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One's standard headsets. If you can't get microphone input, please check and see if your headset is following the same standard definition. Consult with your headset retailers if you need further assistance.
32-bit operating systems limit the maximum RAM to 4 GB, and streaming software consumes a lot of memory, especially when using functions such as overlays.
As such, performances of streaming software (including RECentral, OBS, or XSplit) will be impaired, and may even lead to abnormal behaviors.

Therefore we recommend running streaming software under 64-bit operating systems with at least 8 GB of RAM to get a sufficient share of memory when running the program.
Because GC510 doesn’t support Deep Color, please go to your XBox One Settings > All settings > Display & sound and set Color depth to 24 bits.
LGP2 is a USB Audio Class (UAC) device that requires to be enabled to function properly. Make sure to have it enabled in Volume Panel/Recording devices.
Please check whether do you run any antivirus application (for example Avast) on your PC that might block RECentral 3 from running properly.

*Recommended actions:
1. Make sure to exempt RECentral 3 from checked applications in your antivirus software settings
2. Temporarily disable/turn off antivirus application
3. If still doesn’t work you may try to remove/uninstall antivirus application
LGP2 timer follows RTC (Real time clock) counter method, this means every time you connect the device to your PC, RECentral service will automatically detect the system time and synchronize it with device's RTC timer. In case you found the time (shown by recorded file name) being not accurate please make sure to adjust your PC’s system time.
It’s possible that you played Blu-Ray disc or opened some applications (Netflix, Hulu) that activated HDCP protection on your XBox One. HDCP has failed Xbox One error can prevent you from recording your gameplay sessions.

Please refer to following suggestions to resolve the situation.

Solution 1 – Restart your console
Try to restart your console. This will clear temporary files and fix this and many other problems. To restart your Xbox One, do the following:

 1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
 2. Select Settings.
 3. Select Restart console.
 4. Select Yes to confirm.

You can also restart your console by holding the power button for 10 seconds. After your console turns off, wait for a few seconds and press the power button again to turn it on. After your console restarts, the temporary files will be removed and the error should be resolved.

Solution 2 – Turn on Energy-saving mode
In case restarting your XBox One didn’t help to solve the issue please follow steps below:

 1. Press the Menu button on your controller and go to Settings.
 2. Select Power & startup.
 3. Go to Power Options section, select Power mode and press the A button on the controller.
 4. Select Energy-saving.
Xboxone HDCP FAQ

After enabling this option, turn off your Xbox off then restart it. The issue with HDCP should be resolved completely.
The XBOX One S supports resolution output at 4K (3840x2160) and has setting for HDR color. If you want to record game footage of XBOX One S with your AVerMedia capture card make sure to lower resolution to supported 1080p and turn off/disable HDR function.
Yes, AVerMedia capture cards can capture game footage from PS4 PRO under following circumstances:
Set PS4 PRO output to 1080p resolution and turn off HDR color output.
In case you connect 4K TV to AVerMedia capture card’s HDMI output port please make sure to disable HDMI UHD color options in your TV’s settings.
When connecting an Android smartphone / tablet, the outputs from HDMI are subjected to HDCP
Therefore, you will not be able to receive video (in RECentral) and record.
Yes, but you will need composite/component to HDMI converter. For this purpose we highly recommend our ET111/ET113 converter.
Connect your console to ET converter via composite/component cable* and connect HDMI from converter to your AVerMedia game capture card’s HDMI in. Make sure to plug converter to USB power supply.

*If your old console has only composite (AV) output please consider ET111,
if your old console has component output please consider ET113.
In order to make sure to get precise audio and video syncing all matching up correctly on the recorded file please add audio delay in OBS MAC.
Follow steps below:

Open OBS MAC and click on “Mixer” gear icon.

At “Sync offset” option add value “200” (ms)

Explanation: if the value at “Sync offset” is positive this will let the capture audio to shift back, if the value is negative the capture audio will be shifted forward. When recording with GC510 the audio data tends to be processed faster therefore please set positive value at 200 ms.
1st step:
Please go to StreamLabs website StreamLabs and click “Login to get started”

2nd step:
Login to your TwitchTV or Youtube account
RECentral FAQ

3rd step:
Select “CHATBOX”, modify Theme to “Clean”, and click the “click to show widget URL” button to generate a chat box webpage. Copy the URL and paste it to RECentral 3.
RECentral FAQ

RECentral FAQ

4th step:
Launch RECentral 3, activate the SCENE function, then add a webpage.
RECentral FAQ

5th step:
Paste the URL you copied earlier and it should give you a transparent chat box.
You can try to enter some words on your Twitch webpage and see if the same words will appear in RECentral 3.
RECentral FAQ

RECentral FAQ
Please confirm that the HDMI monitor you connect to the capture card’s HDMI out has built-in speaker. In case the connected monitor doesn’t have speaker (thus can’t play audio) in the HDMI pass-thru setup (input source>capture card>monitor) the input source’s audio output to the capture card will be blocked and there won’t be audio received in software preview.
1st step: Click on RECentral 4 “Live Stream” icon

2nd step: At “Streaming platform” click on the “+” icon

3rd step: Among the available streaming platform options click on “Facebook”

4th step: AVerMedia Stream Oauth window will open, please type your login credentials

5th step: The “Edit streaming profile” panel will display, you may give “title” and “description” to your live broadcast

6th step: Set your Publicity preference

7th step: Set your Privacy

8th step: Configure stream quality settings
We recommend to use PS4/ XBox One standard gaming headsets. Both LGP2 and LGP2 Plus are compatible with headsets of CTIA specification (4 pole plug: L, R, G, M at earphone microphone terminal).

Please don’t use Apple iPhone/iPad earphones, when plugged to microphone port on device audio noise will occur.

Hereby list of workable headsets (a few examples):
· Kingston HyperX Cloud II
· Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver
· Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger
· SONY Wireless Surround Headset (when used with wired connection)
(* SONY Wireless Surround Headset) adopts the built-in microphone, so the volume output of the microphone might be low. )
· Xbox One stereo headset
· Madcatz TRITTON Kunai Stereo Headset
· SteelSeries Siberia 840 Gaming Headset
In order to record in PC Free mode please check and confirm following steps:

1. Download and install latest firmware for your device (make sure to use correspondent firmware, download only from AVerMedia official product page)
2. Use Class type 10 micro SD card formatted into FAT32 or exFAT
3. Check and confirm whether the input source has HDCP protection on it*

*Note: PS3 via HDMI connection has HDCP copy protection, it can’t be recorded by AVerMedia game capture cards.
If connect PS4 make sure to turn off/disable HDCP at game console settings.
If connect XBox One it’s possible that viewing Netflix or Hulu (or other media streaming applications) has activated HDCP on your game console, the solution: restart the console or turn on energy-saving mode on it.
If receive this error when trying to import LGP2/ LGP2 Plus PC free mode recorded files into Adobe Premiere Pro

1. Please go to Windows File Explorer/ Videos then select “View” tab, make sure to check “File name extensions”

2. Right click on the recorded .MOV file that you want to import to Adobe, then select “Rename”

3. Change file extension from .MOV to .MP4

4. Import the file into Adobe Premiere Pro
In order to fix the broken image error make sure to activate Aero on your Windows 7 system.
1st step: enter Control Panel on your PC
2nd step: enter Appearance and Personalization/ Change the theme
3rd step: make sure to select one of Aero theme options

We would recommend you play the H.265(HEVC) video clip with Potplyaer or VLC.


Illustration 1:


Illustration 2:


Solution 1: Install stream engine and adjust the setting in OBS

 Please download and install RECentral 4 software, then adjust the setting in OBS as below: 

1. click on “+”, and select Video Capture Device


2. Create UVC device name (GC 510), then press OK.


3. Select “AVerMedia LGP2 Stream Engine-1”



4.Scroll down the bar, select :

4-1) Audio Output Mode> Output desktop audio (WaveOut)

4-2) Check “Use custom audio device”

4-3) Audio Device> AVerMedia LGP2 Audio Stream Engine-1.


Then press OK.


Solution 2:  Adjust in OBS

 Please adjust OBS settings:

1.Open OBS and right click on “Mixer” gear icon.
2.Under “Advanced Audio Properties”>>”Video Capture device”>>“Sync offset”option add value“200”(ms)

Still cannot find a solution? Contact us.


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